About Us

Consistency, longevity, experience. The company has been based in Bellevue, Washington since 1967.


The company has experience working with the biggest and best retailers in America in all channels, including Big Box Retailers, Warehouse Clubs, E-Commerce, Home Centers, DIY, Drug, and General Merchandise to name a few.

The largest retailers in America have worked with Philip J. Boren Inc. That “big box” expertise is available to retailers of all sizes. Such promotional and in-store savvy experience is more important than ever in today’s over-heated, hotly-competitive retail marketplace.


The company has experience working with the biggest and best Wholesalers in America, including Hardware, Plumbing, Housewares and Electrical channels.

We understand two step and direct marketing in multiple channels. We have worked with these players for over 50 years. We understand their customers and their needs.

35 words that are most important to us.

To build partnerships between manufacturers and retailers that generate profitable growth for all.

To add value to the shopping experience through our integrity, expertise and hard work that benefits our partners and ultimately the consumer.

Sure, it’s our mission statement, but it’s important because it addresses the delicate balance between manufacturer, retailer and consumer today.