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Philip J. Boren Brings a Brand to Life on Amazon

Brand A in our portfolio is an account Philip J. Boren began supporting very early in their Amazon launch.  The brand was initially very reluctant to offer their broader catalog to Amazon and despite year 1 sales in the $1 million range, the brand remained hesitant in their Amazon approach.  In year 3, Philip J. Boren convinced the brand to release a sub-set of products which began forming the foundation around improved focus in the online channel.  In year 5, the brand conducted their first advertising campaign; spending just $15,000 to test the waters.

Philip J. Boren’s diligent management of that initial advertising spend drove immediate sales gains for the brand, and in year 6, the brand began to engage and listen.  Over the next 3 years, the brand opened up their product catalog to Amazon and made growing investments in advertising and promotions.  In year 10 of our journey together, the brand opted to exit a portion of their catalog but despite that headwind, Philip J. Boren was still able to produce a meaningful sales lift through further content listing enhancements, inventory forecasting, and marketing support.