Our Work

Philip J. Boren Helps a Brand Grow by Over $20 Million

Brand B is a well-respected brand in an extremely competitive market, pressured by private label and mass influx of Asian import product fighting to steal market share at almost any cost.  With year 1 sales approaching $3 million, Philip J. Boren saw opportunity in the brand and category.  We began by identifying missed product coverage in Amazon’s selection then overhauling the online content by adding improved product imagery and in-use videos to aid customers in their buying decision.  In year 4, the brand revamped their product offering and provided Philip J. Boren with an advertising budget.

Despite a 13% decrease in available products to sell, the brand achieved a 57% sales improvement.  Over the last 3 years of our partnership, Philip J. Boren has supported the brand with new product development and releases, promotional events such as Deal of the Day, A+ content creation, SEO optimization, AMS and DSP campaign management.  The brand continues to grow and enjoy sizable market share on Amazon to this day.