What We Do

Profit and loss—it’s the definition of success for all retailers.

Philip J. Boren Inc. understands the special demands of retailing. We have lived through every economic upswing and downturn in the last 50 years—and experienced each cycle from a retailer’s point-of-view.

If you want to preserve margin, increase sales and protect profits, Philip J. Boren Inc. is the partner for you. With new ideas, new lines and new items almost weekly, this rep organization knows retail—and that makes your job easier.

The future of retailing in one word.

Partnership. The days of buyer/seller and client/vendor roles are over. Profitable ventures today exist in new relationships among parties with connected interests.

That’s why Philip J. Boren Inc. continues to flourish. We introduce new partners to each other. We understand both sides of the traditional retailer/manufacturer equation. We appreciate that it takes new thinking to make a partnership work for everyone. We know it includes the implicit partnership we each have with the consumer.